lauantai 20. huhtikuuta 2013

A day in Abenteuerpark Saar

This day I will write in english because there might be some people from our group who want to know what it was like, but they weren't able to be there today. So we met each others at the bus stop, in front of Rathaus at 11.30.  There were only 13 of us, which was a bit surprising because at least I found this activity very interesting. We took a bus to Waldhaus and then walked up to the hills into the middle of the some point we were pretty sure that Omar had no idea how to get to that place, but somehow we got there eventually. ;)

It all looked scary, tall trees with those different kind of "steps"..there were easy ones as well as hard ones. The whole thing cost 20€ but someone said that our school was paying half of it so we paid only 10€.  First we were told how to behave up there, what to do and especially what not to do. It took about 30 min to wear those harnesses and listen to the info. Then up we went. :) First of all, it was scary! I have probably never been that scary in my whole life. It wasn't only being there high but also moving at the same time. It was really exhausting, concentrating all the time and trying to control all of your muscles and moves at the same time...It wasn't really easy to manage those if you don't have much strength in your upper body, which I definitely don't have. I almost quit in the middle of the second round....not very proud of my moment of weakness...but after resting 5 minutes at the standing point of one tree I was ready to continue to the end. After the second round I decided not to go back up again...but after sitting a while it started to get cold and I needed to move so I climbed back there. This time I chose the first round was easy enough but also interesting at the same time. :)

After finishing the first round I was just watching others doing all those harder ones and I really didn't feel like going back up again. ;) Still we (me and Verena) decided to go once the round for children. That was something I call fun!! :D It was easy enough but still you needed to concentrate and watch your steps. I am proud of myself, even though I never managed to do those hard ones, I completed those I tried and I kind of got over my fear. :D I would do it again, just not said, it was exhausting and after the three hours there we all were pretty done and hungry. We decided to go somewhere to eat....Vapianos. Food was delicious and everyone was so tired after eating so we planned party for tonight and nap (+shower) for now... Although once I got home and took a shower I started to write this and now I don't have that much time to sleep anymore...anyway I might take a short nap before going out. :)

That was my saturday here, I enclose here a link if you want to check a video of this park :)

I will write more another day...Have a nice weekend everyone! :) Next monday we'll be off to Riga and we'll stay there till friday. Once we got back there will be a big party at our campus. It's never boring here. ;)

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  1. Nice blog entry! :D Hope you're enjoying your semester abroad here in Saarbrücken!
    Greetings Sven (also student at htw but german :D)
    Btw I dont know which button i have to click to send this commentary cause everything is i guess in finish here xD

    1. It was a correct button ;) And thank ypu for your comment. :D